If your location cannot accommodate the bus or you would like to keep the cleanup minimal we can pull at one of the attached locations. Please specify that you need to coordinate this in the notes section at check out! 

From time to time you might also find us crafting away near one of these parks on a weekend! Fun can be had on the spot or we will have small and large size take home paint kids for children and adults! 

Follow us on social media for updates on these events!


*Bonner Park*

 1600 Ronald Ave, Missoula, MT



*Pleasant View Park*

4024 Lexington Ave, Missoula, MT 


*Lafray Park*

606 Lafray Ln, Missoula, MT 


*Franklin Park*

1100 Kemp St, Missoula, MT  

*Spartan Park*



**44 Ranch Park*

2503 Riata Rd, Missoula, MT